Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I find that when I'm down on my knees is the best time to look up. This new year has started off really hard. Huge problems on a massive scale that I never thought I"d have to to face again. Issues that wont go away and hurt's that shatter a heart.

But I'm starting to see that through it all, God put me on my knee's so I'd look up. I'd spent most of 2011 focused on "my new life" "My new husband" "My new role as a stay at home mom" and I'd forgotten to focus on him. Why is it that we have to be on our knees before we look up?

The problems arent solved, nothing's changed but I'm more at peace because I'm realizing that its not me, I've got to trust that God will take care of everything.

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  1. The part where you said "I'm realizing that it's not me"..sounded just like me 10 years ago.

    And later realized it is about ME.
    It's always been about ME.
    You see the change I desired could not come with out the change first in ME.

    Power of the Praying Wife, was what helped ME to see what I needed to pray for and in more powerful GOD moving ways.

    Stormie O'Martian is an easy read. I passed out over a dozen of them to friends, one husband stopped me in Wal-Mart and thanked me for helping to save his marriage.

    In my own relationship(s) needed more direction. And I believe the truths written in that book helped ME to change the old ME. It's been 20 yrs now and it's only gotten better.

    But let me forewarn you dear friend, her book was written in a very matter of fact way and on the first page..she wrote, "If you think this book is about praying for Him to change and not you..then put it down now and save yourself sometime, it's not the book your looking for."

    Honestly I was driven by this..because I knew that Christ way is not about making others see my way but HIS.

    Sorry to carry be honest I am just relieved your LOOKING UP..prayers pretty girl and one of my tight hugs too :)


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